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By: Sheldon I Cohen, Attorney at law

Security Clearances and The Protection of National Security Information, Law and Procedures, published by the United States Defense Personnel Security Research Center, (2000), (147 pages and 10 appendices).  Available from the U.S. National Technical Information Service,  Accession No. ADA 388100   

This book, written by a lawyer with many years of experience in the security field,  in 16 chapters covers the history and legal basis for security clearances, the investigation and adjudications process for personnel security clearances, polygraph investigations, SCI and SAP programs, physical security and facility clearances and the NISPOM among many other topics. It discusses the particular security clearance programs at the CIA, NSA, FBI and Department of Energy.  This book includes the underlying law and administrative regulations governing the security clearance  process.


 Copyright Sheldon I. Cohen



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